About Burlingame Orthopedics

Orthopedics & Sports Medicine located in Burlingame, CA

Burlingame Orthopedics

Burlingame Orthopedics is an orthopedics and sports medicine practice in Burlingame, California. With Edward Shin, MD, Gaurav Abbi, MD, Richard Han, MD, and their skilled team, the practice cares for patients of all ages, helping them heal from injuries and perform better on the field, rink, and/or court.

Burlingame Orthopedics has served the peninsula community for more than 30 years. The experienced specialists provide many orthopedic services, including shoulder replacement with cutting edge CT guidance, shoulder arthroscopy, rotator cuff repair, partial and total knee replacement surgery, hip replacement surgery, elbow surgery, spine surgery, fracture care and nonoperative treatments.

Burlingame Orthopedics treats spinal problems, shoulder pain, knee pain, arthritis discomfort, rotator cuff tears, and other types of pain and injuries. The highly trained experts pay strict attention to detail, achieving superior patient satisfaction by treating them with diligence, empathy, exceptional care, and respect.

The orthopedic experts tailor treatment plans to patients’ unique needs to maximize the body’s structure and function. They use the latest cutting-edge procedures and technologies to ensure excellence.

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